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Way Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a dual-discipline company, founded by Way Atmadja, PE in 1987. The firm offers Structural and Civil engineering in Texas with services embracing architectural expression and practical design philosophy. Based on our unique ability to combine technical skills with artistic sensibility, we are able to deliver elegant engineering solutions.

Structural Engineering:   We welcome challenging architectural demands. We focus on details while keeping an eye on the big picture, allowing us to offer practical and efficient structural solutions. In over thirty years of our structural design experience, we have completed various structures (commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and others) that serve as the foundation of our ability to design utilizing the desired efficient system.

Civil Engineering:   Specializing in site development, we provide a balanced design combining optimal site utilization, customer-friendly site layout and grading plan, and practicality. Clients benefit from our long history of site development design experience in the City of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Dripping Springs, and surrounding areas.

Reputation is our most valuable asset, and client satisfaction is our primary goal. We continually strive to provide services that exceed expectations.

Certification:City of Austin MBE since 1988   •  State of Texas HUB since 2002